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Design-Build Project Management: Building a Building for Building a Building (BaB4BaB)

With the expanding access to CCA’s ‘backlot”, we now have the possibility of more exterior workspace for the creation and assembly of larger scale prototypes and projects at the school. This has been an excellent addition to our teaching and learning opportunities and combines with the excellent existing shop and fabrication resources we have to make it possible to do more hands-on projects for everyone.

New for this year is the opportunity to define a dedicated facility for CCA’s BuildLab, an interdisciplinary hands-on making laboratory. After several years of planning, the BuildLab has received funding and permissions for this new facility, and our class will be instrumental in planning and producing it. Even though we have some funds available, there are many challenges to figuring out how to make this space useful, including issues of permissions, access, security, storage, and environmental protection, as well as budgeting for and scheduling the production of the improvements. We have identified a potential future build project size of approximately 10’ x 20’ as our possible footprint of project build area, plus surrounding workspace defined by the containers, yielding the overall planned site need of 40’ x 40’.This project will help develop strategies for all of these, including some aspects that can be implemented and realized during the current semester, and other aspects that will be road-maps and guidelines for future implementation of an expanding program of physical making at CCA. 

Professor: Peter Anderson

Student Participants: Marlene Cacho, Jonathan Frederick, Maria Ulloa, Olivia Anne Tang, Diego Saraiva, Pete Pham

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