Tunnel Top Park

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Pavement to Parks Professional Practice Interns Fernanda Bernardes and Anh Vo, under the supervision of Meghan Dorrian (CCA) and Robin Abad (SF Pavement to Parks), led the design refinement and implementation of ‘interim amenities’ at Tunnel Top Park in the Summer of 2016. The concept design, ‘Undulating Landscape’ was selected by a Jury comprised of Tunnel Top Park community members and CCA faculty from several generated during the Spring 2016 Building Technology Seminar. During the late Spring and early Summer 2016, the Tunnel Top Park Steering Committee met routinely with the CCA / Planning Department team to refine a site-wide plan and design for ‘Undulating Landscape,’ a modular prototype that incorporates seating, fencing, and lighting for deployment across the park. The summer 2016 design-build studio fabricated and installed “Undulating Landscape” at the Park in August 2016.

Student Participants: Fernanda Bernardes, Ryan Chan, Abrar Felemban, Jonathan Frederick, Wut ‘Demi’ Htwe, Denita Irsjad, Anh Vo

Photos by: Jim Norrena

BuildLab at the 2016 Salesforce Conference

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As a way for students to create interesting collaborations outside of CCA, many seminars will offer design collaborations with outside organizations. Peter Anderson’s seminar, Assembly Required, collaborated with the RED Campaign and Salesforce to create furniture for merchandise and product displays for this year’s Dreamforce Conference held in San Francisco. Students worked in groups during the process, utilizing several tools and design strategies to achieve the final products. Keeping in mind the idea of prefabrication and modular assembly, each team had to create designs that could be movable and reconfigurable if needed. Several materials were utilized for each furniture assembly. Painted 1/4″ plywood sheets were utilized to create an indoor and outdoor shelving systems, while clear 1/8″ acrylic sheets were utilized to hang the product displays on the wings of the pavilion. Wooden panels were utilized to create the cash wrap. The collaboration was successful and taught students the importance of prefabrication and communication amongst every member involved with the project.

Instructor: Peter Anderson

Student Participants: Jae Hyun Seo, Yoo Bin Jung, Sabari Gopakumar, Siwei Deng, Sangdae Park, Sean Cunningham, Karol Horr, Tim Stevens, Samantha Villaseñor, Joseph Chang, Gloria Kiiza, Hao Yu, Eman Barnawi, Bella Mang

Project Support by: David Meighan and Juliet Ragusa of the George P. Johnson Company; SalesForce; and IATSE Local 16 (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees.

Photo courtesy of California College of the Arts
Photo: Jim Norrena, CCA

BuildLab at Market Street Prototyping Festival

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Market Street Prototyping Festival is a three-day festival where local artists and designers create interactive prototypes that engage and educate the public. The collaboration between the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and the San Francisco Planning Department envisioned Market Street as the epicenter for cultivating the sense of community. Market Street was divided into three districts. Three Design Captains were designated to each district. This year, the BuildLab was honored to be the Retail District’s Design Captain. As Design Captain, we overlooked other prototypes within the district.

For this year’s festival, the BuildLab brought out the Mobile Craft Module to be the backdrop for several engaging talks between CCA students and faculty. The Urban Works Agency and AIAS/NOMAS held discussions and presentations at the module. Sandra Vivanco, Lorena Del Rio, and Peter Anderson brought their students to the module where they presented their studio work. These talks and presentations were held within the public realm to influence students on how to engage communities through design.

Photos by: Joaquin Tobar and Adam Marcus