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Spring 2017 Fashion Show Experience showcased the array of talent at CCA. Full of Hot Air, taught by  Peter Anderson, is the studio that produced the setting for the show. Students did hands-on research with membrane materials and fabrication processes, with the goal of producing new prototypes for lightweight built structures.
There is a long history of experimentation with this medium by artists, architects, and engineers, from early examples of balloon and dirigible construction for air travel to tensile-membrane building components. With the rapid development of plastics and advanced composite materials since the middle of the 20th century, many new types of membranes have become available for use, only some of which have been exploited so far in architectural applications. Students explored air-supported and closed-volume membrane structures and components using materials and processes that are accessible to them within the studio and CCA back-lot setting, working at the 1-to-1 scale of human inhabitation.

Professor: Peter Anderson