Enchanted Forest


The CCA BuildLab and 826 Valencia join forces in an exciting exploration of variable scale permanent interior installation to be tested in the public realm. 826 Valencia will sponsor and host our full scale intervention in their third site at Mission Bay with the goal of enhancing children’s experience of their environment as well as entering a dialogue between materiality, structure, scale and their imagination.

Students have been working closely with a talented group of artists and fabricators to create a fantastic and engaging environment to sponsor the creative endeavor of children’s writing. We are partnering with one of the most iconic non-profits in the country to help them open their third San Francisco location in Mission Bay. As Office, one of their recent graphic design collaborators, puts it: “The magic of 826 is sparking kids’ imaginations with a unique experience that is surprisingly, decidedly weird. We love weird. If you can use it to connect with kids – get them interested and engaged – the creativity catches on.”

Professor: Sandra Vivanco

Students: Alma Davila, Paulina Buchcik, Dina Elattar, Cera C. Yeo, Yunzhe Li, Jolene Jussif, and Jeycy Diaz

Project Partner & Sponsor: Bita Nazarian, 826 Valencia

Project collaborators: WRNS Architects & BCCI Contractors

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