In our IBD studio we explored various architectural interventions within Plaza Adelante, an important cultural institution situated in the heart of the vibrant Mission district of San Francisco. Our client, the Mission Economic Development Association (MEDA) is a community-based organization housed in this historic building. MEDA promotes economic empowerment for the most recent Latino immigrant population and provides a host of services to ease their transition ranging from home ownership, to small business incubators, and from digital literacy to economic empowerment. The goal of this studio is to design and build a family of relevant and appropriate architectural interventions that address the boundaries between the diverse services offered at Plaza Adelante and at the same time actively bring the vibrancy of the street into the heart of the building.

CCA Integrated Building Design Architecture Studio

Design Team: Carmen Smith, Sean Wong, Josue Munoz, Mara Gutierrez, Matt Adams, Cesar Arellano, Fabiola Vargas, Vivian Kwok, Wan-Hsuan Lee, Alison To, Rodrigo Lima, Matt Mochizuki, Olya Piskun, Yibin Chen, Ryan Kocourek, Mike Vargas

Sandra Vivanco, Michael Tauber, Oblio Jenkins