Mission Navigation Center

The San Francisco’s Mayor’s Office is developing infrastructural strategies to help the homeless access City services, with a focus on the transitional period from living on the streets to finding permanent housing. BuildLab helped transform an abandoned school into a working pilot facility through donated site and space planning, working with the Department of Public Works. A team of students led by faculty member Peter Anderson designed and built the Welcome Courtyard entry façade, which serves as the Center’s face to the neighborhood, and portal of access into the facility. Funding and in-kind materials donations were assembled by the CCA project team.

Professor: Peter Anderson, Anderson Anderson Architecture

Students: Ibrahim Al Gwaiz, Barry Atiabet, Evan Bowman, Pearl Kim, Daheen Maeng, Ryan Mongomery, Marianna Munguis-Chang, Mitchel Price, Eric Sandoval, Bryany Burke, Myrna Ehrlich, Saharsh Khaitan, Mariana Laborde Fuentes, and Maryam Nassajian.